September 17, 2017

Miss Lonelyyyy

🎵Lonely, I am Miss Lonely
I have no kitty for my own
I'm so lonely🎵🎶
I am Miss Lonely
Woooo ooo ooooo oooooh  🎶

🎶 I'm looking down the street
My true love for to see
He doesn't seem to be there
O woe, O woe is me. 🎵

September 14, 2017

Furry Fursday

Kitties!  I have to wonder and so does mom, why several times a year when I zoom through the hallways and rooms, I leave these thick tufts about two inches long and usually curved like a comma. This one this morning wasn't comma shaped but usually they are... and it was the only example I left her this morning.

 But last night, there were five of them, the thick tufts,  lined up every foot or soon the floor in the spare room as if they had been deliberately artistically placed.  They were all in a slightly curving line in the living room too.  One in the foyer as a starter and the other three fanning out across the room.

What makes we kitties lose actual tufts of fur like that?  Only once or maybe twice a year and always these thick tufts despite being combed and brushed and zoom groomed. Inquiring kitties want to know.

pee complained about me to you yesterday.... so... she did not have me across her face at ALL last night!  I stayed away at the back of the pillow.  That'll show her.  I think she murmured she slept much better!  How dare she?

September 12, 2017

Mom, the Feets Prop

I love to slope my body downward onto mom's face.  My nose is close enough to hers that she feels my breath on her face. After she turns out the light, I ooze downward a bit more.

 I take my right-most paw and slap it down on her cheek  There it stays.  Her face is cool, and my pink and black jellybean pads are warm and soft as a cloud.  So is the fur between my toesies.  My clars are tucked waaaaaay up into my fist so I don't scratch mom.   Since I have been home with her I have never ever scratched her.  So I get away with propping my foot or my feets if necessary on Mom.  She knows that only lasts a while- so she just lies there.  Anything for me, I feel sure is her thought,  Right mom?

Here I am on the spare bed where favorite brother is when he's here for the weekend.  Hurry back brother!  I think he is attending his High School football game here in town this Friday.  Go Wildcats!

September 10, 2017

I Has a Saloon!

Kitties!  I went to the #WLF #GoldRush yesterday and today, I got to be the judge of the spitting contest!  I could see all the contestants aiming for the spittoon and take my time evaluating their style, accuracy or other attributes (three sadly, kept missing and spat on their comrades in front of them).  Sadly, Mom found that hilarious beyond the telling.  The mule spat too.

When mommy saw me judging the contestants I have never EVER heard her laughing like that!  She must have needed to laugh a lot because laughter kept rising up and bubbling out for hours.  Every time she thought of the pictures and went over them to assist me to judge, she started laughing.  LOUD too. She told me on returning from the store a while ago that she got to thinking of those pictures while driving along and and one seeing her in their rear view mirror or pulling along side must have wondered what on earth would make someone just laugh like that!

Here I am in my Saloon that the prospectors came in after we had our panning for gold event.  @SantasCat did my avi for me for which I am very grateful.  Ya shoulda been there!

September 6, 2017

Ya Know What?

Emmy, from 15CatsandMeowing sent me a wee note.   And in it she mentioned that she, a beautiful Tuxie girl and me, another beautiful Tuxie girl and all the other beautiful Tuxie girls and boys should have a club too...just like the Tabby Cats do.

I wish we did.  I have for a long time.  I am sure my mom is completely and unutterably  incapable of doing that.  Forming it, making the site and all the rest.  It is beyond her simple skills.  I'm fortunate that she feeds me and cleans my litterbox.  I do the rest of the work around here.  The poor dear.

Look at beautiful Emmy, and the handsome Austin, Miss Boo  of ManxMnews and the spectacular Puddy, and the mancat about town, Mario just to name a few.  Kozmo  who can be seen here in Marv's bloggie.  Ooo la laaa!

Anyway, just sayin'.

Here I am from Face Book posting today.  Shows my Tuxie lusciousness.

September 4, 2017

They are Different, I promise!

Kitties, mommy took these all today.  One in the morning, which is me taking my easy on my girl cave top, and the other is on the back of the couch where it's all cushioned and soft.  I was still taking the sun early afternoon when mom came home from a shopping spree.  Nothing for me of course!  A new purse for her.  And a pair of new slippers.  Wanna see how they honor us kitties?

Mom finally threw away her old Winnie the Pooh slippers whose memory foam insole is a distant memory.  When she put her feets in these this afternoon, she felt like she'd stepped on a pillow~!

Here are the two pics taken of me today.  The couch back one was this afternoon.

They are a theme that mom needs to break free of.  Same ol' same ol.

that is my floof.  Honest. 

Notice I am not looking so rotund.